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As a followup to our AJ Hawk/Laura Quinn/shotgun wedding post from yesterday, we look to the Dayton Daily News, which gives us the full report on why AJ Hawk, rather than go through with the planned wedding in March, got married in his lawyer's office while wearing his Under Armour gear. (Seriously.)

The former Ohio State and Centerville High School star has moved to Green Bay to begin a career with the Packers and wanted the sister of Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn to join him — but not before first tying the knot. "He didn't want to be living together as boyfriend and girlfriend," said Keith Hawk, the player's father. "He wanted to be living together as man and wife. He's old-school in everything he does, including this."

Uh-huh. We're sure AJ Hawk's sudden Quaker puritism — his family wasn't even present at the wedding — has absolutely nothing to do with, as our source yesterday put it, "facilitate a better financial situation by allowing Laura to be insured and have the rest of her education paid for by the NFL when AJ signs his contract." We're sure it's because he can't live with her before he's married, because he's moral. Yep.

By the way: Even if you're getting married in your lawyer's office, AJ, jeez, put on a freaking tie.

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(UPDATE: A reader writes in: "At the risk of nitpicking, the Quakers don't have any provisions against living together before marriage. The Quakers are probably the most liberal of all the organized religions in the United States. Go Quakers! "

The more you know!)