We were scheduled to have a special guest from ESPN on this Deadcast, but they had to cancel. Which is good, because it allowed me to further indulge my passion for talking about elevator pissing.

This week, Leitch and Daulerio join me for our first ever three-man Deadcast. We talk about Daulerio's surprising enjoyment of Phish's music, his habit of pissing in elevators (which I also confess to having done), and we submit AJ to the second ever Deadspin polygraph test. SCANDALOUS.


We also talk about Cutlerfucker banging Julia Allison, and the time AJ tried to get Gawker exec Lockhart Steele to also bang her. We also talk about the fallout from posting Schrutebag's phone number online, the fucking impossible task that was getting past the first level of "Dragon's Lair", Puerto Rican moustaches, gonzo porn star accessories, a young Daulerio's trip to the rub'n'tug, Harry Kalas, one-star Amazon reviews, and the fucking pussies online who talked about crying merely from watching the "Where The Wild Things Are" trailer.

I also confess to owning a rather sizable collection of Garfield plush toys as a child. Daulerio's reaction: "That's such a fat kid toy." So true, good sir. So very true.


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