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Alabama Gives Up First November Touchdown To The Citadel

Alabama’s defense has been quite good this month. Both Mississippi State and LSU laid up big fat goose eggs against the Crimson Tide, despite both teams being worthy of top-25 rankings. But The Citadel Bulldogs, a non-conference visiting opponent, had no issue breaking that scoreless trend against the top-ranked team in the country.

The 45-yard score is the longest rushing touchdown Alabama has given up since 2015. That wasn’t where the issues for home team stopped. Prior to this game, Alabama’s halftime lead has never been smaller than 16 points. The Bulldogs went into the half tied at 10. This is still a Tua Tagovailoa-led Alabama side, however, so any hopes of a full-on upset should probably be brushed aside until this game is tied in the fourth quarter. Nonetheless, there is some room for optimism as The Citadel seems to have limited their damage to the run game.


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