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Alabama Is At The Center Of A Photograph As Horrifying As It Is Puzzling

We received this picture of a reveling goblin-man delighting in fire and emptiness under the subject "ROLL TIDE!" No further information was provided. Aside from the Nightmare at sea level to the right, we are unsure what we are looking at.

Is this pro-Bama or anti? What is ablaze? Some kind of wagon or cart? Is it supposed to convey a deeper message? If taken last week after the Crimson Tide dropped a game to Texas A&M, it could represent what was left of Alabama's shot at repeating as National Champion. Or perhaps it was taken yesterday after Alabama smoked the Western Carolina juggernaut and everyone else lost, making this is a photographic representation of the reigniting of those same championship designs.


Or maybe this is a drunk person in Alabama lighting things on fire while his (possibly?) less-drunk friend took a picture. If you have any information to provide on this please, drop us a line.

UPDATE 1:44 p.m.: We've got an update from the less-drunk friend himself:

I took the pic right after Stanford won. At the start of the 2 games last night we said if Oregon and K State went down we would burn my friend's old couch in the drainage ditch next to his house. It was a sacrifice for putting Bama back in the title hunt. We live in Birmingham and the guy's name in it is Keaton. ROLL TIDE!

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