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Albert Pujols, In A Proud And Photogenic Moment

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We're as pleased as anyone by the Cardinals' series-clinching victory over the Mets Padres last night, but, honestly, they really shouldn't allow still cameras to take pictures of the postgame celebrations. They inevitably lead to photographs that are, well, uncomfortable to look at. (Though we appreciate the use of Anheuser-Busch products. Auggie Busch would have been proud.)

We were actually watching each of the different teams' locker room celebrations to see if one could tell anything about a team's makeup by how they poured alcohol on each other. We didn't learn much, other than that one of the 84,000 reasons why it's a positive life choice to be a Major League Baseball player is that you can pour a full bottle of champagne on the head of a uniformed and armed police officer and not be shot for it.

The Tigers seemed to be having the most fun, the Mets were the most professional about it and the A's just looked like a Nickelback concert broke out. We never consider the Division Series worth going too crazy over anyway, though far be it from us to begrudge a guy for having the desire to dump a bottle of beer on some other guy.


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