Alex Ovechkin Lets Go Of Stanley Cup Just Long Enough To Botch Ceremonial First Pitch, Drunkenly Sing "We Are The Champions"

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Alex Ovechkin brought the Stanley Cup to Nationals Park today, where he threw out the ceremonial first pitch of Saturday’s Giants-Nationals game. Well, okay, the first two pitches—Ovechkin made a funny mess of the first one:

Nicklas Backstrom says they haven’t been able to get Ovechkin to stop hoisting the dang Cup ever since the Capitals won it, but obviously a man can’t throw a first pitch while hoisting a gigantic, heavy-ass trophy over his head. But not to worry! Ovechkin made up for the lost time in hilarious fashion:


I demand 24-hour video coverage of Alex Ovechkin hoisting the Cup at increasingly mundane events in his new life as a champion. A charity event. A random fan encounter. The grocery store. The DMV. While brushing his teeth in the morning. The Caps are just having the best damn time.