Alexi Lalas Should Think Less

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Photo: Frederick M. Brown (Getty)

Wouldn’t you know it! Alexi Lalas, the guy who said,Damn right, I’m gonna stand,” and implied that players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequality would be the same as a player wearing a MAGA hat during the national anthem, has more half-baked political takes.

It started earlier today when Lalas took issue with a tweet posted yesterday by a Detroit City FC fan club that included photos of banners that were at the match last night. One banner said, “Fuck ICE. No human is illegal.” Another said, “A United Front.” A third banner depicts a cartoon drawing of what appears to be a giant teddy bear wreaking havoc on a city scape. Lalas took the concern-trolling approach and fretted about how the banners might “provoke confrontation” and cause someone to get hurt. He didn’t specify who might be provoked or why banners promoting unity and the inherent dignity of human beings would be antagonizing.


Lalas spent the next four hours doubling down.


If there’s anything to be taken from this, it’s that constantly trying to be The Most Reasonable Man In The Room only ever ends with everyone else getting a good view of your bare ass.