Alfredo Aceves Had A Weird Day

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Not really sure what was going on with Alfredo Aceves yesterday, but he was acting like a bigger basket case than usual. He and Dustin Pedroia got into an argument in the dugout—probably because Aceves threw over to second, like, 17 times and Pedroia seemed ill-prepared for each successive toss—and were eventually separated by coaches, including Bobby Valentine, who also felt the wrath of Aceves.

Then Aceves inexplicably got in the way of catcher Jared Saltalamachia's put out of a foul-ball pop-fly. Finally, It looks like Aceves tries to use another foul ball for his next pitch and he and the home plate umpire begin barking back and forth about that.

Things are looking up for the Red Sox, though. By end of game, all seemed peachy. Because, as we all know, the team that even smiles a few times together, doesn't implode together.

Aceves sat in the middle of the room and ate his postgame meal, even smiling a few times as he sat next to Jacoby Ellsbury.


h/t Eric G.
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