On Monday, we ran a special edition of Dead Letters, in which we shared all the mean emails we had received in the wake our Manti Te'o story. There was a lot of negative energy in that post. But we don't always get hateful messages from our readers. Sometimes, we get nice emails—from our moms. It's Friday, and we're in a good mood, so we'd like to share our momplimentary emails with you. Welcome to the Mom Bag.


Subject: Re: shake up the echoes

From: Dom Cosentino's Mom
To: Dom Cosentino

Dad + I both read this story, and just heard your interview on the radio!
Love, Dad + Mom


Subject: yea!

From: Tim Burke's Mom
To: Tim Burke

so cool. I bet you get more than a million hits just this week. We called the relatives we could get a hold of to watch the show. Jan Younger called all excited for you, saidyou were all ovr the internet, sent his congrats. hope this all ends with a big raise for you!! love, MOM


Subject: A most impressive investigative piece!

From: Jack Dickey's Grandma
To: Jack Dickey

Jack- Remember I am your number 1 fan. You have kept me incredibly busy hopping from Google to watching you on computer rversion of your TV interview to reading all the comments. I'm sure these have been heady times. You do very well in the interviews. I had never run across the word gobsmacked,

You will have to shift gears with the new semester - drama, thesis to floor hockey or whatever variations there will be. Much luck in that endeavor.
love, Grana


Subject: No subject [text message]

From: Jack Dickey's Mom
To: Jack Dickey

Be nice to Billy Bush!

I am so haPpy for you...

Subject: No subject [text message]

From: Jack Dickey's Dad
To: Jack Dickey

Deadspin getting major props on Greta van susteren show tonight

Nice work on tv. You were the star on access Hollywood! Are you gonna
write the book? The screenplay? Got an agent? Everyone at work and in
NC very proud.

Geraldo said on fox manti probably gays

Subject: Link from Twitter

From: Tommy Craggs's Mom
To: Tommy Craggs

We read New York Times article. I am glad you were quoted because you intelligently expressed your judgement as the editor over ESPN. So glad to hear that you guys beat ESPN big time.

Love, [Mom and Dad]

Subject: now that we are

From: Tom Ley's Mom
To: Tom Ley

Hearing that Espn has had the facts, or semi facts, for several weeks…you guys ought to be really really proud that you got on this story and that you could because you didn't have anyone to protect. That's good journalism. Unbiased. Good for you guys!!! I hope you are proud. I am proud :)


Subject: No subject

From: Tom Scocca's Mom
To: Tom Scocca's Brother

Did you see or do you have a link you could send me to Tom's appearance
on the Today show? I'm a bit puzzled. [...] I figured Today
might have interviewed Tom because of his editorial position (although
why they wouldn't be talking to Craggs isn't clear). But I surely hope
that the interview didn't imply that Tom wrote the story. And why
wouldn't Today have interviewed the actual authors. I'm confused.


Subject: No subject

From: Reuben Fischer-Baum's Mom
To: Reuben Fischer-Baum

HOw are the maps?
L, M