Wanna see a choke? This is me Albert Brooksing all over Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room, the CNN appearance mentioned in all the emails up there. Apparently, repeating the proper pronunciation of “Ronaiah Tuiasosopo” in the mirror is not the proper way to prepare for a TV appearance. Thanks to whoever put this on YouTube; thanks to Barstool Sports for posting it; and thanks to all of you for writing such kind letters.—John Koblin


Subject: No subject

From: Matthew Frawley
To: John Koblin

‘m 100% sure your going to get sued for libel. You looked like you
were sweating during your CNN interview. Looks like your claim is
starting to unravel. Bwahhhhhaaaa

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Subject: That was an interesting interview you gave on CNN

From: wiz3dfx
To: John Koblin

Ummmm...will you post that on your website, please?

Or do you reserve your snark only for others concerning the Manti Teo story?

And just because you got a tip, doesn’t mean you are Woodward and Bernstein. Get a hold of yourselves and try and try a little harder.

Or just stick to the re-posting of YouTube videos.

Subject: Nice job

From: Michael Quigley
To: John Koblin

Thanks for the hilarious CNN interview. You demonstrated what an
amateur hack looks pretending to be a “journalist”. You’re a fraud
and you know it buddy. Come out of the closet and admit you suck.


Subject: Bravo

From: James Murphy
To: John Koblin

Hey John,

I took the liberty of forwarding the video to Tosh.O. Wouldn’t that
be great if it makes one of their episodes?