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Alleged Pimpette Now Suing Fred Davis For Alleging She's A Pimpette

The Makini Chaka-Fred Davis beef is the beef that keeps on giving.

Chaka, you may recall, is the alleged madam who's suing the Redskins receiver for allegedly assaulting her with a juice pitcher two years ago at a D.C. nightclub. That case, which is now in the hands of a judge, provided us with some of the most wonderfully hilarious testimony we've ever read. But now Chaka has upped the ante by filing a defamation suit against Davis in federal court. In the suit, Chaka says she's not a "'madam' or 'pimpette' who procures prostitutes for professional athletes," as Davis has claimed.


According to the suit, Chaka's entertainment company "engages in the business of arranging celebrity appearances at public and private events and coordinating the logistics for those appearances." But it's lost revenue because Davis and his bodyguard, Stewart Prince, kept publicly referring to Chaka as a "madam" or a "pimpette." Also listed as a party to the suit are "One Or More John Does"—defined as "media outlets" that "continued to publish stories that Chaka is a 'madam' or 'pimpette.'"

There's this, too:

In an attempt to mitigate their damages, Plaintiffs contacted news media outlets and requested that they stop publishing Davis’ and Prince’s statement that Chaka is a “madam” and “pimpette”. Most of the news media outlets complied.


(Note: We've been careful to use the word "alleged" whenever we've referred to Chaka as a "madam" or "pimpette.")

Chaka's new suit also alleges invasion of privacy, tortious interference of contract, and emotional distress. And it has the potential to be great fun: During last month's trial for the other lawsuit, Prince's testimony that Chaka had procured hookers for guys "plenty of times" was stricken from the record because Prince declined to be specific. Should this new suit go to trial, Davis and Prince would likely have to name names. We're rooting for that outcome.


The Washingtonian recently published footage of the nightclub altercation between Davis and Chaka, which shows that Chaka tossed a drink on Davis before Davis threw the pitcher at her. Chaka's new lawsuit can be read in its entirety below. It's only nine pages, but the word "pimpette"—including quotation marks—appears seven times.


[Zoe Tillman; h/t to Jada F.]

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