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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself, My Name Is MAJ

Ahoy hoy! I am the Unsilent Majority and I'll be running shit around here as part of a three-way rotation of weekend editors. I have to say that I'm absolutely thrilled to be here. After all, my blogging career began deep within the bowels of the Deadspin comment section way back when you had to give Will a reacharound to ensure an invite. After that fateful day I began writing with a delightful group of my fellow commenters over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. You might have also come across my stylings at blogs like No Mas, Fanhouse, and The Big Lead.

Anybody who's still a bit unclear as to who the fuck I am and what I'm doing here should know the following things...


1. I'm a DC resident and a season ticket holder for the Wizards and the Redskins.

2. I'm a fan of almost all legitimate sports (also illegitimate ones like foxy boxing and hockey) so get ready for some healthy coverage of the oft-ignored classics like boxing, soccer, and golf. But don't worry, I'm still a basketball/football/baseball guy at heart.

3. I hate clowns as well as their distant cousin, the hobo.

We've got a big day (and night) ahead of us so if Roger Goodell is making you wear an ankle bracelet we might as well hang out. I suggest you grab a six-pack, a bowl, and a giant bag of delectable CHEEZ DOODLES.

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