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Alomar Denies Lawsuit's Claim That He Has AIDS (Kind Of)

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So Roberto Alomar says that ex-girlfriend Ilya Dall's lawsuit against him is "full of lies," but stops short of denying that he ever tested positive for the AIDS virus.


From ESPN:

"This is a very private, personal matter and I greatly appreciate all the support I have received in the past few days from my family, friends and colleagues in baseball," the former All-Star second baseman said in a statement. "I am in very good health and I ask that you respect my privacy during this time."

"As for the lawsuit, it is filled with lies and I am deeply saddened that someone I cared for would make such terrible accusations and try to hurt me in this way."


The statement that anyone who has ever had sex with Alomar would have liked to have seen:

"I have never tested positive for HIV; that's crazy! AIDS? No way, no how. And here's the relevant documentation (produces thick binder). Please, no shoving; I've made copies for everyone."

In a lawsuit filed on Jan. 30, Dall claims that Alomar insisted that the couple have unprotected sex, even though he knew that he most likely had AIDS. Furthermore, she claims, Alomar subsequently tested positive for HIV.


So, we still have more questions than answers. Including this: Why did ESPN run nothing on this story all day yesterday?

Meanwhile, Alomar's new girlfriend, Maripily Rivera, says that Alomar has never seemed sick to her. From the New York Daily News:

Rivera claimed that when Dall broke up with 12-time All-Star Alomar in October, she told him: "I will destroy you." His new girlfriend said she's standing by him. "When you're on the side of truth, you have nothing to hide," said the dark-haired bombshell. "I support him and I love him more than ever."

She said Alomar, who played for the Mets in 2002 and 2003, betrayed no sign of illness. "He has never gotten sick on me. We train together. And he has those beautiful, well-defined arms," she said. "They want to destroy him, but they won't be able to."


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