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Already Some Trouble At Kansas State

OK, OK, we know that new Kansas State coach Bob Huggins just got to campus, and he can't be blamed for any players who might have been around before he showed up. (As for those who inevitably show up in the news over the next few years, hey, maybe the Bengals can draft them as a tight end.)

Anyway, it turns out that one of Huggins' new charges in Little Manhattan has been booted off the team after showing up on the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's registered sex offender database. According to The Kansas City Star, his name hit the iist on May 25; much to the benefit of some poor souls, his name is not "Eddie Johnson." It's "Tyler Hughes."


Hughes is a senior in his third year on the team, so he can't be placed in Huggins' lap. (So to speak.) But we still think somehow, Huggins will find a place for him. Perhaps as his driver?

K-State Suspends Hoops Center Hughes [Kansas City Star]

(UPDATE: Looks like Hughes' crime was (gulp) AGGRAVATED INDECENT LIBERTIES W/CHILD. You know what? Those ARE aggravating. Very much so.)

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