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Ambush Highlights Everything Wrong With Video-Fightin' Bros

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Pillsbury Beatdown," from njon437, who apparently joined to post this lone video. Tonight's commentator: Me. (Coming next week: the previously mentioned "Streetfight in Jonkoping Sweden.")

Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to call people out for violating a street-fight ethos that dates back, through various manifestations, to the killing field where Cain dropped Abel.

This is one of those times.

Set aside the fact that “Pillsbury beatdown” was so poorly shot that I had to work up a fresh copy – losing a few seconds off the front end – to present it in landscape mode.

Regardless of how it’s viewed, these bros are the jittiest of the bags on earth.

You can see the lead-in by clicking that link in the intro. There’s about 30 seconds missing. The long and short of it: Trio of bros shown walking along a sidewalk (fourth guy don't do much, so we can keep him out of it).

Lead bro dons a wife-beater and ice-camo shorts that sag beneath his ass.

Behind him in this low-rent shantytown setting: One chubby lad in blue and one victim-to-be.

What becomes quickly evident – as lead bro summons the cameraman with a simple look – is that we’re watching an ambush.

“Ungh. Yup. I’m on it,” are the words with which we’re introduced to our compliant narrator.

Before long, Chubby Blue Boy looks back. He’s the hanger-on. He’s in on it. And, he’s going to use this opportunity to prove how “tough” he is and that he is a strong member of this “crew.”

One could posit that he is not held in high regard. This supposition, and the realization that they laugh about him behind his back, becomes believable when we see a dog lost mid-face-scratch behind a fence, so he’s no threat to anybody but himself.

Pooch starts barking. Little Boy Blue is frightened. He jumps as if a pitbull is a centimeter from grabbing teeth full of girth. Look closely and you can see a puddle of dignity spray onto the curb line.

He soon recovers, but not to the point of being comfortable on the sidewalk, so close to harm.

This positioning draws a look from lead dog. Victim-to-be is now flanked. This is a signal that the time has come to drop him. He slows his pace a moment. The narrator chimes that simple-assault-charge-in-waiting is “gon’ miss.”

But it is an impossibility to miss when your target is within a step and cannot see that he’s about to take a fist to the ear.

And then a fist to the other ear.

And then six more punches from Fraidy Cat dog jumper.

And then one kick from lead dog.

And then two kicks and a punch from F.C. Chunk, who looks up to make sure the cameraman caught his shining moment before going and spitting on his hat. Like a total fucking badass.

This is where the fighting in the video ends. What ensues is discussions about how “ratchet” they are. And the labeling of the event as a “walk by.” And the assertion that the victim’s blood isn’t worth an observer’s dog or something.

We never learn what led up to this assault on friend and dignity. Maybe it’s something heinous. Who knows. But the fact that they were walking as if everything was a’ight until it was made un-a’ight with a slew of cheap shots should tell us one thing: This is evidence of some punk-ass bitches who thought it’d be cool to knock a kid’s brain around inside his skull for a little while.

I’m not exactly sure when Tuesday Night Fights started. Sometime in 2011, I believe. But what I’m sure of is this:

There has been a fuckload of more violence scenes presented on Tuesday nights. Hell, there’ve been a few related to which I searched for obituaries. (Never found any).

But while my theory behind this being to present how friggin’ stupid and inhumane people can be to one another – with humor and boobsiness serving as the sign-spinning hypefolk despite cries of egging-em-on exploitation – this one stood out as a call to arms.

These assholes set a friend up for a beating that they could record and have videographer “njon437” upload to YouTube.

Setting aside the fact that those on film didn’t look like folks with promising futures, I-Team assembly would be a waste of time considering the best location available is what may be a blurry Idaho license plate.

Then again, about 950 miles away from the state line, there is a city named Pillsbury in North Dakota which had a dozen residents in the 2010 census. Of course, that would mean nearly half of Pillsbury was involved in a Children-of-the-Cornsian scene.

So, I guess the best we can do is hold these jitbags up as totems of all that’s wrong with violent bros everywhere.

Pshew. Feel better now. So, let's get back to fights with Russians and/or boobs.

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