American CONCACAF Exec Who Ratted Out FIFA To FBI Was Just As Corrupt

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The source of much of the information the Department of Justice accumulated on its way to sledgehammering FIFA is one man: Chuck Blazer, former CONCACAF bigwig, member of Sepp Blatter’s inner circle, and eventual FBI informant.

But don’t think he made his way to the pinnacle of notoriously corrupt FIFA without getting his own hands dirty (or, more accurately, without getting more than a few coins stuck to those muddied fingers). As we’ve laid out before, Blazer was just as bad as the people he turned on, he just heard the cavalry coming first and decided to turn around and point the cops to the secret rendezvous spot.


As mentioned in today’s indictment and previously reported in this great Daily News exposé, Blazer did so well for himself that he kept an apartment in tony Trump Tower just for his cats. Below, you’ll find one of our stories laying out some more of Blazer’s nefarious behavior.