America's Dumbest Student-Athlete Nominee: Steve Blake, University Of Maryland

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This essay titled "Happy days at Johnny's" was submitted multiple times by Duke fans who claim this ridiculous ode to Johnny Rockets burger joint was penned by former Maryland guard Steve Blake. Embrace the happiness.

Happy days at Johnny's

A young couple was walking down Main Street arguing with each other. The young lady got frustrated with her boyfriend and just walked away from him and went into a restaurant. He wanted to make up with her so he went in there after her. He met her inside and they waited for someone to help them find a seat. They where greeted by a young lady who was very kind and friendly. The hostess found them a comfortable booth and told them to have a good time. As they were sitting, they heard a song by Elvis being played throughout the whole restaurant. The couple looked at each other and smiled because they both really liked that song. The restaurant that this couple went to is in Florida and is called Johnny Rockets, a restaurant that brings people happiness.

The restaurant Johnny Rockets is a unique place. The colors of the restaurant are red, white, and yellow. On the outside there are some tables for customers to eat at. On the inside, there is a long bar were you can sit and eat by yourself and even watch the cooks make the food. At each booth there is a juke box for you to put a nickel in and select a song. There is also a straw holder that the waiter or waitress opens for you to get a straw as if you were a five-old kid. It makes many people happy to be waited on so well because you don't always get that. In the article Goodwill Hunting it says "'See?' Udemba says triumphantly. ' The Panthers didn't exist until the 1990s. So you know it wasn't made before that.'". The article tells us how you can tell what the date of something is by looking for something distinctive like the Panther head. By looking at Johnny Rockets you can tell it is resembling the 40s and 50s by the juke boxes. Johnny Rockets is definitely at the top of my list when it comes to service.

One of the main reasons why I like eating here so much is because of the upbeat atmosphere. With the friendly service of the waiters and waitresses and the singing and dancing they sometimes do makes this place just as fun as hanging out with your friends. This is a great place because it is the only one of its kind. I have yet to eat in another place like it. This restaurant takes us back to the 40's and 50's and reminds us how much fun they had back then. Johnny Rockets is like a time machine, it takes us back in time to see what it was like in the past. When you eat there, you realize how much fun you could have had if you lived back then. I think for an older person it helps them to remember what great times they had when they were younger. All age groups go and eat at this restaurant because it brings out the happiness in everyone. By having a restaurant like this, I think it shows how we haven't forgotten about what has happened back in the 40's and 50's.

The first Johnny Rockets opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles on June 6, 1986. Ever since they have opened, they have been a big success. The only downfall of the restaurant is that you don't get much food. The burgers are not that big and you only get a small serving of fries. The burgers are about the size of McDonalds but the taste of Johnny Rockets is much better. One thing I do like is that you get a good amount of a chocolate shake if you order one. The prices at Johnny Rockets are a little high compared to a McDonalds or Burger King but are average compared to a Fridays or Applebee's. Like the movie Afluenza, people expect good service and good food from the big food chains, but once the get the service they are not satisfied. At Johnny Rockets your expectations are met. Although the amount of food you get is small and the price maybe above average, the taste of the food and the happiness the store brings you makes it worth it to go there.

I love the way the restaurant looks. The design and colors of the store are just as good as any others. I really like how they use a lot of chrome. I think the chrome makes things look good. Most of the restaurant is red and white which makes the restaurant feel lively. I think the restaurants good looks contributes to having a good time while you are there.

One of the main reasons why I like Johnny Rockets is because of the oldies music they play. When I was younger, my mother would listen to oldies while I was in the car and I enjoyed listening to them then. So the only time I really get to hear oldies now is when I go to Johnny Rockets. It makes me happy to hear those great songs again. The other reasons that I like Johnny Rockets is because of the great tasting food, great service, and the dancing they do. All these reasons bring me happiness.

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