America's Dumbest Student-Athlete: Tremaine Billie, Clemson University

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Mr. Billie AKA "T.Billie" has received multiple nominations thanks to the unfortunate "e-portfolio" he created when he was a student. It's a masterpiece.

After begin a part of your class this spring help me to find many different way to write a paper or to formate a paper. When I pick the topic for my research paper why should student athletes get paid in college sports. The first essay was on the whole arugment of the paying of student athletes and different opinion from writers, coaches, and players. This help me to understand the different view points that everybody had about the topic. The second essay was for you to go deeper in the topic and to find more individuals that are not with it or people who agree. This essay was called literature review and it help to see the many different opinion that was out there. The third essay was my opinion about the topic and how I felt about everyone else opinion on the topic. My opinion is that I believe that student athletes should get paid for what they do for the university and the lack of time they have to their self. A couple of reasons why should student athletes should get paid: lack of time, athletes help the university to make money, athletes have low income families, and can't get a part time job. Reason why to pay student athletes is Pell Grants, they get schalorships, and they have a chance to get a degree, to go to the pro's, or both.

The overall view of the class, this class really help me a lot in many different areas with my writing skills. Giving us freewrites 1 2 3 which give us the chance to vioce our opinion on different topic help me to write little better never time. I just want to thank you for a exciting spring and hope to have you as a teacher in the future.


If only we could examine the rest of his research papers to see how far he progressed. Unfortunately, those hyperlinks no longer work. Again, people, let's start doing some real research here and submitting some hard evidence about some of these student-athletes getting a free pass for basically doing nothing. Mr. Billie at least proved he wanted to work hard to do whatever it is he was trying to do — let's find more student-athletes who don't. For example, one gentleman has offered $100 to anyone who submits damning evidence regarding the University of North Carolina football or basketball programs. This should not be too difficult. Email us at with those or any other submissions that could potentially help our campaign. As you were.

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