An English Rugby Player Literally Played One Of His Balls Off

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Paul Wood told the BBC Radio Manchester that "it really sounds worse than it is," so I suppose we'll just have to take his word for it. But ... ouch: Wood ruptured one of his testicles during a match Saturday and had to have it removed afterward. Yeah.

And just so every guy reading this who just clenched his legs uncomfortably understands: Wood even played for another 20 minutes after the fateful blow. It was the Super League Grand Final, and while Wood's Warrington Wolves lost to the Leeds Rhinos, 26-18, Wood was willing to give it his ball and all. Afterward, he was anything but testy as he discussed what happened, telling the BBC he took "accidental knee" to his golden point before offloading a bit on Twitter:


Wood also told the BBC the incident has him considering whether to wear added protection in the future. That these guys don't already do so is half-nuts:

"It's something I'm going to look at because obviously I've only got one now—so I've got to look after it.

"If I want any more kids this has got to be my pride and joy."

Wood's Twitter followers have already taken to calling him "Woody 1 ball," and someone even started a Twitter account called "Woody's lost ball." Sadly, it, too, has already been cut off.


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