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An Exclusive Interview With The Lakers Bros From That GIF

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Surely you've seen this GIF by now, featuring the two greatest bros to have ever attended a Lakers game. We were so enthralled by it that we made it our mission to discover the identity of those two bros and do whatever we could to become bros with them. We succeeded: both bros, Ryan and Brian—who are not brothers but are, again, bros—reached out and agreed to do a Q&A over email.


Deadspin: How did you score those seats, bro?
Ryan: My parents won them in an auction that donated the money to the Las Madrecitas.


D: What particular play got you so amped, bro?
R: I was pretty amped thru the whole game. The Lakers were on fire and I was into it cuz my best friend Brian was with me.
Brian: Kobe's and one layup.

D: Ryan, why were you wearing sunglasses inside, bro?
R: I was wearing the sunglasses inside cuz I knew the camera always looks for people wearing shades cuz they r usually famous. My plan worked hahaha.

D: Brian, how come you weren't wearing sunglasses like your bro Ryan, bro?
B: We found them in his mom's car. And it was his 18th birthday and he decided to wear them.

D: Did you and your bro wear matching shirts on purpose, bro?
B: No. His mom bought them for us before the game.


D: How long have you been a Lakers fan, bro?
R: I've lived in Los Angeles for 17 years so my parents kinda got me into it when I was young, but I've gone to a couple games. I'm not a super hardcore fan but I like going to the games once in a while, but now I will def go more often.
B: Since I was like 10.

D: How stoked were you when the Lakers got Dwight Howard and Steve Nash?
R: I was pretty stoked cuz the Lakers starting lineup now is crazy good so the games are gonna be fast paced and high scoring.
B: I was super excited for Dwight and Steve.


D: What did you think of Mike Brown, the old Lakers coach? Chill or not chill?
R: He was a decent coach but he should have definitely been replaced.
B: I think Mike D'Antoni is a better choice.

D: What do you think of Mike D'Antoni, the new Lakers coach? Does he seem like a solid bro?
R: I think he'll be a great coach and his offense is way more fast paced than Brown's. For sure a solid broski.
B: I think D'Antoni is a great coach, and I think his open floor offense will be very fun to watch.


D: What's the sickest thing you've ever seen, bro?
B: The sickest thing I have ever seen is probably Dwight's dunk up close at the last Lakers game.
R: Sickest thing I've ever seen was when my favorite mountain, Park City, got three feet of snow and boarding it was so fun. Love to shred the pow.

D: Was that Frank Robinson sitting in front of you, bro?
R: Yea I'm pretty sure it was, and he was pretty unenthusiastic about the game. Needs to bro it up a little more.
B: No idea haha.


D: Ryan, how did you and Brian become bros? Are you guys best bros?
R: We became bros a few years ago we met thru my friend Quincy and we r def best bros and we will remember this publicity for the rest of our lives. Thanks again for everything you've done for us and actually understanding the joke about us overdoing the bro look. Im glad ur so chill about all this!

We'd like to thank Ryan and Brian for being such awesome bros. They are the coolest Lakers fans we've ever met.


Samer Kalaf contributed bro-porting.

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