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An Internet Protest Will Change Everything!

Oh, right. The losing: Wow, all those Ottawa Senators bloggers are upset about something. I have no idea what it could be though. [Scarlett Ice]

And the Nets too, while we're at it. I forget—is Deadspin anti-Mets or anti-Jets? Eh, whatever. Screw them both. [Cecilio Guante]


This can only end well: Who wants to see a blogger get thrown out of the Poinsettia Bowl? [Sportable]

Bolt cutters: Why should the Broncos even bother with the AFC West title? Oh, right, their unending hatred of all things San Diego. [Bronco Talk]

Shocked!: Wait a second, are you telling me the Yankees may have manipulated the city of New York just to make a few extra bucks? Oh, it was few extra hundred million? That makes more sense. [Baseball Digest Daily]

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