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An Interview With The 160-Pound Test Proctor Who Is Challenging Musician Chris Brown To An MMA Fight

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In 2009, entertainer Chris Brown was charged with felony assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna and sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service. The man behind the Twitter handle @ChrsBrwnChllnge, who hasn't disclosed his name besides saying that his initials are D.G., doesn't think Brown's punishment was sufficient. He also doesn't see Brown as having changed for the better since the incident, which is why he is challenging Brown to an organized, UFC-rules MMA fight. D.G. isn't a professional fighter. As he explains in his Twitter bio, he is a 5-foot-7, 160-pound 24-year-old from Seattle. I was able to talk to D.G. through Twitter and ask him more about his quest to fight Chris Brown.


For the unaware, what is the goal of the Chris Brown Challenge?
To expose CB as a pompous ass who should not have one person respect him, nonetheless millions idolize him. Shouldn't say "expose" since I doubt anyone didn't already know. More like highlight that CB is a pompous ass and spoiled manchild.

Have you told your friends or family about this? Do they support you? Did you come up with it on your own or while talking to someone?
Yes, since I have done some training in the past they have seen me in sparring matches before, it's nothing that strange. Most friends say it's a great cause but completely unlikely to actually happen. I'm inclined to agree with that, but just because something is unlikely doesn't mean you shouldn't try for it anyways.

I did think of this on my own, while browsing Reddit. As you might be aware, the Reddit hivemind has disdain for CB. I realized everyone was complaining and whining and saying they hated him, but nobody was doing anything. So I started the Twitter and posted a link.

What has been the online reaction to your account?
Bigger than I thought, way bigger. I expected about 100 followers. Now at over 1800. Pretty much four camps of followers I've noticed. First is Team Breezy."You leave him alone, he's my BF, my BFF, you're a hater, you're a buster." Spelling corrected, of course. [The second camp is] people supporting the fight to see someone who deserves it show that he can't back up his talk and money doesn't buy character. [The third camp is] people supporting for all the wrong reasons. I have a few people message/tweet very violent, angry, and blatantly racist and homophobic things I definitely don't approve of. Makes me a little sick that people's minds go there, and has actually made me consider stopping the Twitter account for fear I might be promoting that kind of thought, [but] I decided they thought that way before, and will after no matter what. [The fourth camp] is the usual twitterpoop, calling me a loser and alleging I'm a troll. I just shrug them off.

Did you know who Chris Brown was before his incident of domestic abuse? If so, did you have any opinion of him?
I first heard "Kiss Kiss" as an obnoxiously loud ringtone on a metro bus. Probably a bad start. I do remember thinking after hearing it on the radio later, that he was a good singer and it's a shame that this is what studios think passes as R&B. I was a curmudgeonly old man at age 19 as far as music is concerned. So my opinion was that he was a good singer and talented kid, and even after the abuse I thought maybe I didn't know the whole story. Celeb stories can be wildly exaggerated and I didn't know if I should believe it. Not that there is EVER a justification for domestic violence. After the police report came out and I learned the whole story, and saw his reactions following, there was no good image left at all.


Do you personally know anyone who has been abused or beaten?
Yes, friends with abusive parents and sexual abuse as children. I would prefer not to discuss save that I've seen the damage it can cause. Though I have not experienced it myself, so while I can't truly relate to a victim's plight, I still have strong sympathy for abuse survivors.

Chris Brown is 6'1", according to Google's estimate, and he's in pretty good shape. Overall, he's physically better, no offense. How would you counteract that advantage in a fight?
No offense taken. Being 5'7", you can imagine I've not had much advantage at any sport. The reason I don't really pursue competition in more legitimate MMA organizations is that groups are weight class, which means my stocky build gets put against people much taller. How I intend to counteract it: physical form is important, and if all else in the fight were equal, the taller and more fit fighter would win almost every time. But it's not the only factor. Experience, discipline, and training win matches. As for strategy, being shorter requires adjustment. For example, I'm probably going to need to aim for trips and grappling. Since he's fast enough to run away standing, and on the ground he has no height advantage.


What are your strengths as a fighter?
My strengths have usually been fast kicks, and great upper-body throws and counters. If he has me beat for speed, that throws away my kicks advantage, he'll just dodge them. He also may be too tall to try and work a lot of upper body offensive. I have strong groundwork, which I intend to make the most of. Many untrained fighters don't realize that most fights end up on the floor. I should mention, as I have said before, I am responding as though it actually happens. I'm not delusional and I know it's very unlikely.

How much fighting experience do you have under your belt? How many fights have you been in, organized or unorganized?
One to two years off and on, closer to two total. Organized within my dojo yes, something around a dozen full contacts with nerfed rules, i.e. no face no groin, wear extra pads and so on. Unorganized. I got punched in the face once in 7th grade, hit him back and got detention. Sorry, other than that no street fighting for me.


What is your current occupation? Would it allow you the time to properly train for a fight, if it happened?
My [proclaiming myself a] "cubicle worker" took hold a little too strongly. I am a test proctor, essentially I watch students take tests. It's a slacker job, not what I want but pays well enough. Yes, it allows plenty of downtime. I can get small workout done in my downtime. At the moment I climb ten flights of stairs on my lunch break, but I would step that up in anticipating an actual match with CB. More specifically, fighting practice might rub off strangely on my coworkers. I would save that for my own time.

Hypothetical situation: During your fight with Chris Brown, you somehow get him in an armbar. He's in a lot of pain and tapping out. Do you let him go or take your payback further and apply maximum pressure, doing significant damage?
Let go of him. Him tapping out will damage his image more than anything I can do to hurt his body, and I'm targeting his image.


Besides Chris Brown, is there any other public figure you'd want to fight for their unpunished crimes?
Believe it or not, I can't really think of anyone more deserving who I might have a chance to call out. There are many with similar crimes like Sean Penn or Michael Vick, but they have been sentenced and have paid for their crimes. They didn't need anyone else to tell them. But if Vick hadn't gone to prison, and then later announced he won a game and it's the ultimate "fuck off" to people who don't like him and then despite all the failures, he had a cult of women defending him, well then someone would need to step in and say, wait, he's a criminal and a jackass, why are we all making him rich and defending him? I'm sorry to go off-subject and talk about Michael Vick. I mean to draw a comparison of someone who made a mistake and learned from it and Chris Brown who made a mistake, didn't pay, and still acts entitled to his blessings.

That's OK. Last question: what would be your entrance music for the fight?
Prodigy, "Smack My Bitch Up." I want to get his blood boiled right before the fight.


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