An Oregon Player Faked An Injury During The Fiesta Bowl So That His Teammate Could Get Into His First And Last Bowl Game

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According to The Oregonian's John Canzano, last week's Fiesta Bowl featured a real-life Rudy moment. Coming into the game, Oregon's Dane Ebanez had never made a bowl-game appearance, despite playing at the school for four years and being named scout team player of the year in successive seasons.

In the closing minutes of the Fiesta Bowl, one of Ebanez's teammates, Keanon Lowe, sought to change that by faking an injury just before an Oregon kickoff. Ebanez was sent into the game in Lowe's place, and very nearly made a tackle on the play.


At the 1:06 mark of the video above, you can see Ebanez streaking down the field and getting a hand on the ball carrier before falling to the turf. A missed tackle isn't exactly a storybook to a college career, but we still think it's pretty cool that Lowe went out of his way to get his teammate onto the field. And Rudy was offsides, anyway.

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