And "Comedy Week" Comes To A Close With An Angry Email From Sarah Silverman

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Predictably, my littler temper tantrum about the Sarah Silverman chat did not escape her notice. She justifiably tore me a new asshole for my comments. Let's excerpt a portion of her email.

Are you guys fucking kidding me? I raced back to the hotel - Amy (my manager) was on the phone figuring it with you guys while I was getting there, and I sat down and thought I had fun doing it - not sure if it was working but doing my best. I got booted off, emailed AJ for help but then figured it out, then came back on. I didn't see ANY of that shit and thought that AJ was my friend. I am clueless. And so fucking hurt. Did nothing I write come through? Was it not good enough? I feel so hurt and fucking betrayed. You guys are such giant douche nozzles I can't believe it. AJ - I said such nice things about you... not that that means you have to like me, but, oh my gosh you guys are fucking mean and huge dicks.I actually feel like crying but I'm too mad.

Yeah, I deserved that. So to sum up: this week, we've managed to piss off the readers, the special guest whom we built a theme week around, and PMKBNC. I will now languidly circle the bases after that home run.

But thanks to Sarah and all our contributors this week who did try to save this thing from being less of a car crash. Now's the time to thank Sarah (again) for showing up and for me to encourage you to (again) buy her book.

'Til the next incredibly awkward theme week!

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