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And It's Erin Calipari To The Rescue Again...

The amusing fake John Calipari Facebook page that was accumulating many gullible Kentucky "friends" at an alarming rate is finished. And only one person could stop this devious fake Calipari from perpetrating anymore dupes upon an unsuspecting Wildcat nation.


Yes, Erin Calipari, daughter of Real John, hater of Pat Forde, and a wily Facebook demon herself, intervened. Erin emailed the author of the Fake Calipari Facebook and politely requested he pull down the page. He would, but only on one condition: would Real Erin Calipari please acknowledge the existence of Fake John Calipari by posting on his wall? Of course she will:

And then a little cartoon heart appeared next to both of their names alerting the Facebook universe that they're now engaged.



Yeah, nothing on the commenting front yet, obviously. I guess you'll know as soon as I do when that will happen. Oh, and while we're here — can someone explain to me if this is actually humanly possible? By a white guy?


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