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And Now You Get To Share Your Opinion About Comment Threading During Your Usual Monday Night Football Yelling Session

It's amazing that the soothsayers at ESPN actually picked the Jets to be featured on a Monday Night Football gameh so early in the season. Now, they can capitalize on Brett Favre's national unveiling as a New York Jet and beat that storyline into the ground until viewers collectively turn the volume down or bash their heads through their television screens. Which member of the yap-heavy MNF team will spontaneously combust with excitement after Favre throws his first touchdown pass? Kornheiser might have to be slipped a little Ativan before kickoff. Those of you making friendly wagers on this game should be alarmed by the Chargers giving nine points this evening. That seems ridiculously high considering the Favre factor and the Chargers' bad luck this season. Translation: blowout. ***** Tonight: Seriously. Try the comment threading thing. It might ruin DUAN, but you can go back to "classic" mode if you just click the button. It will impact it in some way, but maybe it'll make it better? I believe that's the goal. This week: Be prepared for more announcements and explanations of more furniture-moving on this site. Fun. As usual, thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and your sparkling commentary. Go hug the crap out of that Canadian kid with the giant headphones.


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