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And That's The Way It Is

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Walter Cronkite died last night. The CBS frontman wasn't much of a sportscaster, but he did enjoy his yachting, as evidenced by this trading card, up for auction on eBay:

This auction is for the 1977-79 Yachting Walter Cronkite Sportscaster card. This is extremely rare as it is part of the high numbered series. The card is printed on a thin cardboard stock paper. This is a nice card from the large set that was released during the years of 1977 to 1980. There was a total of 2184 sportscaster cards in the set which was released in 91 separate packs. The set was issued by Editions Rencontre S.A. Lausanne and 24 different sports are featured on the cards. These cards are also known as Sportscaster Digest Cards. The card backs of all of these cards have a complete story and interesting facts about the subject. This is the ENGLISH version of the card. Sportscaster cards were also printed in other countries and printed in different languages. The measurement of the card is approximately 4.75 x 6.50 inches and should be nice for framing if desired.


It's a collector's item now more than ever.


Good Saturday morning. This happened last night, if you didn't know, so make sure you lock in today.

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