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And The Children Shall Lead Them ...

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Minor league promotions are always fun — we were a big fan of the team that gave out free vasectomies for Father's Day a few years back — but the Northern League's Kansas City T-Bones have come up with a great one. In July, the first two innings of the game will be played by two kids on an XBOX on the center-field scoreboard. When the two innings are completed, the third inning will start with the exact score of the kids' game.

It's nothing new for the T-Bones, who last year allowed fans to bid on eBay for a night in their honor. The winner had 3,000 bobbleheads in his likeness given out to all attendees. We just hope they don't accidentally plug the wrong game into the XBOX; if they put Grand Theft Auto in there by mistake, no fan will make it home alive.


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