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And This Is When They Fell In Love

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I spent part of this morning in Bristol, Connecticut trying to get young Blazer Girl acclimated to the surroundings so she wouldn't be overwhelmed, but she appears to be doing just fine on her own.


Latest email from her:

"Fuck. And Yes. The bike rack is phenom. One of the gentleman running around (who said he spoke to you) and is in charge of this whole thing, i think, said he doesn't think the decoys (ed. note. these are the coyote decoys employed to spook the geese) are still out. But that he'll see if anyone knows where they're stored since I asked nicely."

Illustration for article titled And This Is When They Fell In Love

She's a gamer.

Other things of note from my brief time at tWWL headquarters:

• Remember the movie Last Action Hero? With the one scene where the little boy takes that magical golden ticket to the Movie Land where all the movie characters just blissfully stroll around town in character like it's no big deal? That's kind of like Bristol. Here's a list of people I randomly bumped into or crossed paths with during my two hours on campus.

• Colin Cowherd, looking surly coming in for his morning radio shift.
• Howie "Don't Call Me 'Stump The'" Schwab wearing a baby blue Tomlinson jersey and eating a bag of chips.
• Skip Bayless, looking tense while prepping for First Take
• And a brief reunion with my ex-girlfriend Linda Cohn on the stairwell which resulted in a way too excited embrace on my part. I'm still not over it. I admit it.


• At one point I was trotted over to the Sports Center set and introduced to Hannah Storm and Josh Elliott who was very excited about the minor league Tim Tebow night. I wasn't even paying attention to him because I was mesmerized by Hannah Storm's radiance. That lady's impeccable.


More to come.


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. New mother nature, etc.

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