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Andray Blatche Really, Really Wanted That Triple-Double

We like to think players are so caught up in the game that they don't notice when they're approaching a statistical accomplishment. It's not true. Here's Andray Blatche doing everything humanly possible to get his 10th rebound.

•0:23 seconds remaining: Blatche pulls one down, only to get whistled for a foul. Does not react well.

•0:19 seconds remaining: Chris Douglas-Roberts puts up an airball that lands right in the hands of Cartier Martin, just as Blatche rushes over. Does not react well.

•0:08 remaining: the Nets have a fast break. It occurs to Blatche that he will have to hustle to be in position for a potential rebound. He puts on the afterburners.


•0:04 remaining: with the game essentially over, Blatche attempts to drive the length of the court and brick one to get his own rebound.

It's surprising that the scorekeeper didn't give Blatche a little home cooking, maybe dig up a rebound from earlier in the game that he "missed." And don't show Andray this video of David Lee's phantom 10th assist from his own triple-double on Friday.

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