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Andre Agassi Retirement Tour Set To Commence

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Andre Agassi is going to play one last Wimbledon, and then end his career on the hardcourts of the U.S. Open. He announced his impending retirement this morning, along with his intention of playing a full summer schedule, with his career concluding in Flushing, NY at this year's U.S. Open.

Agassi might be the best of example of an athlete's career coming completely full circle. In his younger days, he was considered brash, cocky, and kind of a punk. He once boycotted Wimbledon's All-England Club because they insisted he wear traditional white clothes, and at the time, he was very much a fan of neon bicycle shorts, earrings, printed shirts, and Whitesnake hair. The 80s were an unusual time.


And now, a decade and a half later, he's holding his retirement press conference there. You can't find anyone who's more reverential towards the game, or as universally respected and admired. Not a lot of people saw that one coming when Andre looked as he did as pictured on the right.

So he'll (probably) finish his career with eight grand slam titles (including 7 runner-ups), and an Olympic gold medal. The only other tennis player to have a career slam and an Olympic gold is Steffi Graf, who also happens to be Agassi's wife. And if he gets through his first two matches at Wimbledon, and Rafael Nadal is able to do the same thing, 2nd-seeded Nadal would then a have a third-round matchup against Agassi.

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