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The face of a man who threw a football without his arm pinwheeling off into offensive line drills.
Photo: Stacy Revere (Getty)

The thrilling news out of Colts training camp this weekend was that quarterback Andrew Luck, whose throwing shoulder has been crabmeat for several hundred years now, completed three (3) days of practice without his arm falling off:

Luck practiced fully during the first two days of training camp before being limited to just handing the ball off and doing moving-in-the-pocket drills without throwing Saturday as part of a rest day with his arm that was preplanned heading into training camp. The Colts are keeping a close eye on Luck throughout the entire process.

A significant sign for Luck is that he said he had not experienced any pain in his shoulder.


Luck is just thrilled to have moved from the Practice Without Dying phase of recovery to the all important Maybe Being Good At Football phase:

Delightfully low ambitions aside, that Andrew Luck is able to throw a real football around in a real Colts practice in the year 2018 without experiencing any pain, to say nothing of all the flesh falling off his shoulder like braised ossobuco, is genuinely excellent news.

Staff Writer, Deadspin

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