Andrew Luck's "Small Little Bone" Injury Is Apparently On The Move

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The saga of Andrew Luck’s strained calf has reached the point where it’s time to worry whether anyone knows just what the hell is going on. Colts owner Jim Irsay identified a “small little bone” in Luck’s left leg as the source of the quarterback’s ongoing pain and discomfort, which leads to all sorts of questions about just what the hell kinds of surplus bones Luck might have floating around in his soft tissue down there.

Irsay’s aborted attempt to name the injury—“It’s a bone—I’m not good at these things, but it’s called mo-something else—but it’s a small little bone”—opened the door for more specific forms of speculation Tuesday afternoon. CBS4 in Indianapolis found a local doctor who suggested a condition called “myositis ossificans,” which involves burrs of bone tissue forming where they very much do not belong, inside muscle or soft tissue, following an injury. The possibility that Andrew Luck’s left leg might be ossifying into a bone spear sounds all too plausible given his injury history, but according to a report from Zak Keefer of The Athletic, whatever the issue is it is for the time being confined to Luck’s left ankle:


Let us not dwell on the question of how a strained calf managed to become a high ankle injury, nor on how it was described as a “small bone” problem as recently as this afternoon. Let us instead dare to hope that the persistent discomfort that has kept Luck from fully participating in training camp for a period of weeks is at long last on the brink of resolution. Pay no attention to the fact that Irsay and head coach Frank Reich have projected confidence at every step of the process, and yet here, on August 13, we are being told that the Colts have “finally found the source” of Luck’s ongoing pain, and it appears to have migrated to a whole new part of Luck’s body. We are not experts! Let us leave such things to the football men.