Andrew Shaw was the Game 1 hero, but that's not what he does. He's a pest. An agitator. A player who gets his hands dirty, and his face bloody, and raises a Cup.

Late in the first period, Shaw took a puck to the face, right off the cheekbone. It opened him up, but he got stitches and returned after the intermission. It's a nice bloody bookend—Shaw left his blood on the ice in his very first NHL game.

So there was Shaw, shaking hands, hoisting the Cup, spraying champagne, the gash still oozing. A long season, a brutal series, and one final buzzer that meant he had achieved what every NHL player bleeds for.

"It was worth all the stitches and everything else. It was worth all of it. This is the greatest feeling in the world and I never want it to go away."

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