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Angels Fans Frothing At The Mouth For Eddings

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(Caution: Not actual poll. Attempts to vote will prove ultimately frustrating.)

Game 3 of the ALCS is tonight, and you can expect the reception in Anaheim for umpire Doug Eddings to be, um, chilly. Anti-Eddings sites are popping up all over the place, including our personal favorite, Doug Eddings Is A Douche. But some of the best vitriol has come, not surprisingly, from Angels bloggers, specifically Halos Heaven, which is responsible for the poll question there. (If you're curious, "Bad Call" and "Fuck You" are currently tied for the lead. But it's early.)


Here's some of our favorite Halos Heaven un-heavenly Eddings-related riffs so far:

• "I'm coughing up blood."
• "Silver Lining: Imagine the 'Doug Eddings Game' going into the 14th or 15th inning before the liar behind the plate makes his Vegas bookie happy."
• "Josh Paul did nothing wrong, save punching Doug Eddings in the fucking face."

Meanwhile, Eddings had security escort him from the Santa Ana, Calif. airport to his hotel. He'll be in left field tonight. We suggest he bring a steel-fortified umbrella.

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