Oh man, I love literally every second of this video. The two teams’—Castel San Niccolò and Fortis Arezzo, of Italy’s ninth division—comically retro kits. The mud swamp they’re playing in. Our leading man’s exasperated response to receiving a red card, then his hilarious and awkward and elaborate little wind-up when, you can be sure, he thought he was about to snap off his foot in the ref’s ass—just look at this!:

The little stumble of his when the it is in fact his own body that appears most at risk of injury stemming from whatever it was he just did to the ref’s leg. The ref’s steely gaze with which he reacts to No. 11's kick out, very obviously communicating “Really? That’s all you’ve got?” The bearhug 11's teammate/older brother locks him into as he trots his buddy away from the assaulted ref:

Even the rest of the video, showing Fortis Arezzo’s four goals and the endearingly odd body shapes that trundle up and down the pitch to score them are gold. This video is the best.



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