Another Demographic Infuriated By ESPN

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We are definitively not NASCAR experts, which takes away one of ours — and many sports fans' — favorite pastimes: Making fun of ESPN coverage of sporting events. Fortunately, the NASCAR diehards are taking care of that for us ... and they're stomping mad this morning.

Turns out, ESPN only showed Tony Stewart, the winner of the Brickyard 400, passing the finish line. You would have no idea who finished second, third, or anywhere else. We don't know enough about NASCAR to understand the egregiousness of this offense, but we're not in charge of broadcasting it either.

Drama and inexperience took over and ESPN only showed the winner cross the line. They showed his pit crew jumping around, the winner slowing down, and then more of the pit crew. By that time, the entire field had finished the race, and there were cars spun on the track, paybacks still in progress, and at least one car with a window net down spoiling for a fight. Announcer Marty Reid was fit to be tied, because he knew fans had missed the entire thing.


By the way, apparently some guy from "Desperate Housewives" showed up during the telecast. Enjoy this ride, NASCAR fans.

Only One Car Finishes Brickyard 400 On ESPN [The Daly Planet]

(UPDATE: The quoted section is actually referring to SATURDAY's race, not Sunday's, it appears. We're still not sure what that means, but we don't get this stuff. Sorry.)