Brad Brucker, a 33-year-old volleyball and soccer coach, became the second Thunder fan this week to sink a halftime, mid-court heave for $20,000, and the fifth since February. What in the name of the Harlem Globetrotters is going on at Chesapeake Energy Arena?

Brucker wouldn't have been out there if his closest concession stand had hot dogs. Instead, Brucker told, he had to trek around the arena in search of more. That's when a staffer found him and asked him if he'd like to take the shot. "I need to go shake the hot dog lady's hand for not having hot dogs ready," he said.


He nailed it. With just two steps' run-up, and the slightest of banks, he was $20,000 richer, and celebrated with Jay Z, sitting courtside.

"I asked him if he wanted to be my agent," Brucker said. "He just laughed. I guess I'm a little short, but whatever."

Brucker's win comes just three days after another fan made his own $20,000 shot:

That's two makes in five home games this season. If you're keeping score, that'd be good enough for fifth in the NBA in three-point percentage. But it goes beyond this season. Kevin Durant joked that "we might go broke after these guys, they're hitting every half-court shot.'' Not every shot, but it seems that way. Dating back to the second half of last year, OKC fans have sunk five shot in 22 attempts.


In February, success with the awkwardest of shooting motions:

In March, nothing but net (the fan would later say he'd use the money for his wife's cancer treatment):

At an April playoff game, swish:

Usually, promotions like this are insured. The team or sponsor takes out a policy that covers the payouts. But according to ESPN, this particular one isn't. Sponsor Midfirst Bank is on the hook for the $100,000 handed out this year. Given that we're all mentioning Midfirst Bank now, it's money well spent.