Bill Cunningham is a conservative talk radio host who really knows how to get his name in lights. Unfortunately, like Don Imus a few years back, he may have gone too far.

On his radio show at Cincinnati's WLW recently, Cunningham latched onto the subject of the University of Cincinnati men's basketball team. Here we go.

"How many illegitimate children does the UC men's basketball team have? I heard it's more than a half dozen ... So there's some hangin' and bangin' going on at the Shoemaker Center after the game. ... They're poppin' those things out like cherry pits out of one's mouth."

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You may remember Cunningham from that John McCain rally last year, when he referred to the Democratic Presidential nominee as "Barack HUSSEIN Obama." Media Matters and a handful of other outlets have demanded his head on a plate, naturally, but it will be interesting to see if this thing gains traction beyond that. If it doesn't, Don Imus has a bone to pick, doesn't he?


Oh, and WLW has been the flagship station for University of Cincinnati sports since 1992. Which should play no part in this controversy at all.

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