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Another Reason Baseball Players Shouldn't MySpace

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This is CJ Wilson, a reliever for the Texas Rangers, an up-and-comer, a LOOGY, if you will. He also has a MySpace page and is pals with teammate Brandon McCarthy, who also has a MySpace page. They're buddies, along with, as always, an endless supply of buxom blondes who write things like "p.s. you know, there is an upside to being a ranger..the uniform colors resemble a certain superhero you are obsessed with. so if you just ask for your pants to be made tight & if a cape is possible for when you are on the mound, then youre set." Whatever the hell that means.

ANYWAY. Wilson left a "message" for his pal Brandon on his page, and, uh, we think it might be a little, oh, racist. Scroll down on McCarthy's page to February 1. We're not reprinting the image here, but we'll say this: There could be space for Wilson on the USC football team.


Honestly, athletes: Stop using the Internets. It can only cause you pain.

C.J. Wilson [MySpace]
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(UPDATE: Wilson has posted a response to this post on Lone Star Ball.

"I was informed a few hours ago about the fact that a website was slamming me for posting a picture on bmacs myspace page. I am truly sorry to offended people by my online behavior.
As a Taoist, my aim is to lead a harmonious life, pitch well, and be a positive impact on peoples lives around me. Through portals in the internet like this forum and my myspace page I have answered a lot of questions from fans and young baseball players in order to give them an insight into pitching, conditioning, the major leagues, etc. I have been very open, and answered every question this board has ever posed of me, because as a fan myself, I understand the curiousity and respect you have for certain players, teams, and the game itself. I've opened parts of my personal life to the fans, and naively kept my baseball page public because I have nothing to hide.


Thank you to the people on the board who understand that my intentions were for humor, albeit not a wise choice. I understand that if people criticize my baseball skills, not to take it personally. I would like to emphasize that any negative allegations are incorrect, and I am sad to have offended anyone."

We don't understand what that "Taoist" business means, but that seems like a perfectly reasonable response to us.

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