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Anthony Bennett Says He Couldn't See Shit Last Year

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Former Cavalier Anthony Bennett, who became perhaps the saddest sad-sack No. 1 overall pick we've ever seen last season, is now a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves and is hoping to bounce back from his terrible rookie campaign. Bennett is hoping that one reason his play will improve is because he can, like, actually see things now.


Bennett talked about his improved eyesight with Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix:

He had laser eye surgery. Bennett has never worn contacts. Can't put them in his eyes. How bad was his vision before?

"You see that white board?" Bennett said recently, pointing to a board no more than 10 feet away. "Last year, I couldn't read the writing on it."

"Anything far, I couldn't really see," Bennett said. "I couldn't see the people in the stands. Now I can see the scoreboard. I can see what plays coach wants to run."


So here's our complete picture of 2014 Anthony Bennett: A 6-foot-8 forward who was 20 lbs. overweight, couldn't shoot the ball to save his life, lacked either the courage or coordination necessary to put contacts in his eyes, and was so blind that he couldn't see what plays his coach was calling. The good news is that he's got nowhere to go but up.


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