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You only have 45 minutes, folks, to get thee to Bristol ("across from the McDonald's," actually) to join the Christian Defense Coalition's protest of ESPN. They're still fired up about the Dana Jacobson mess, but they seem more incensed these days by the infamous Chris Berman video.


You can play grab ass — and say "fuck fuck fuck" — all you want, but when you say, "Jesus Christ" or "goddammit" in the workplace, you're a bigot. Or something.


The Christian Defense Coalition will be calling on ESPN to take three positive steps toward building a culture of religious tolerance in their workplace:

*Discipline or terminate any employee that uses religiously intolerant and hateful language such as "Goddamn" or the negative use of "Jesus Christ" in the workplace.

*Sponsor a workplace seminar and dialogue on religious tolerance and discrimination in the workplace. ESPN has held similar seminars on race and gender but never on religion.

*Host a discussion on one of their programs featuring the topic of the offensive use of "Goddamn" and "Jesus Christ" within the sports world.

OK, that last segment would be the most boring episode of "Outside the Lines" ever; Bob Ley would look like someone in a hostage video.

Frankly, we think this "Christian Defense Council" has a few screws loose. Here's another excerpt from their press release:

It is the goal of the Christian Defense Coalition to help ESPN realize the negative use of "Jesus Christ" and "Goddamn" in the workplace is as offense and hateful as using the term "nigger" in the workplace.


Uh, no. No it isn't. Like, at all.

Anyway, the protests are coming hot and heavy at ESPN these days. Hope they don't run into mobile phone guy at the protest. If anybody's in the area, feel free to take pictures of the four or five people sure to be "protesting." Look for the McDonald's. It's across the street.


Demonstration In Front Of ESPN Monday [Christian Newswire]

(By the way, if you want to know what kind of nonsense this group has been up to in the past, here's a story about the time they accused the Secret Service of banning crosses.)

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