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Apparently, There Are Blood Dopers In Cycling

So you know how Floyd Landis was tested positive for doping — kind of — after the Tour de France and they're probably going to give his title to the second place finisher? Well, turns out, that's probably not going to work either.

Spain's Oscar Pereiro, the runner-up in last year's Tour de France, reportedly tested positive twice during the race for an asthma drug. The French daily Le Monde said the International Cycling Union had granted Pereiro a certificate to use the drug for medical reasons. However, the paper reported that France's anti-doping agency doesn't believe that the waiver was medically valid.


Boy, you know, it's almost like everyone in cycling is blood doping. Crazy. Well, everyone except for Lance Armstrong, of course.

Just Call Off The Tour De France [Steroid Nation]

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