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Are Jose Canseco And The Worcester Tornadoes Parting Ways? [UPDATED]

That's the speculation going around central Massachusetts after one of Canseco's teammates, outfielder Cameron Monger, tweeted the following early this morning: "Tonight will be @JoseCanseco's last game with the ‪#Tornadoes‬. Hope he goes out with a bang." Monger has since deleted the tweet, but not before the website captured a screen grab of it.

On Tuesday, Monger sent the tweet you see below, which has not been deleted as of this writing. Presumably, it is a reference to Canseco, who is hitting .188 with 21 strikeouts in 64 at-bats:


A reporter living in the area around Woostah tells us he reached Canseco on his cell phone to ask about the rumor. Canseco was "not pleased" that the reporter contacted him directly, adding that any speculation about tonight's game being his last was "inaccurate." The reporter has also reached out to the team via email and phone, but he has not received a response. We'll let you if there's anything else to pass along. Hugs.

Update (7:06 p.m.): The Hall of Very Good spoke to Canseco's agent, Jose Melendez, who said Canseco has "some nagging serious injuries and the team wants him to heal." Melendez also said Canseco is "not leaving the team."

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