Are Spurned Advances The Reason Billy Gillispie Treats Jeanine Edwards Like Crap?

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According to Sports By Brooks, the real reason Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie stiff-armed ESPN's Jeanine Edwards during recent halftime interviews might be because Edwards turned down Gillispie's invitation for a date.


"A source recently told me that Gillispie made a past, amorous advance at Edwards which was subsequently denied by the ESPN reporter. I have no more details than that. But again, I have confirmed that Gillispie did make clear to Edwards that he was interested in spending some quality time with her away from the court. And she shut him down."

Hmm. Interesting. The interactions between the two of them do seem to be a bit chummy, albeit in an unfriendly, you-dumb-broad type of way, but it does raise some legitimate questions. For example, if this is true, why on earth does ESPN continue to put Edwards on the Kentucky beat? Like tomorrow night's Kentucky/Vanderbilt game, which should now make their interaction really interesting if this story has any legitimacy to it. I'm sure they'll both act civil so this story doesn't become any bigger, but if Gillispie snaps again and purposely shits on her tomorrow night, does it do any good to keep putting her out there? Well, it's good for sports blogs.


Hopefully, more confirmation about the Edwards/Gillispie relationship will be revealed tomorrow.

Now, take this opportunity to yell about Pitt/UCONN.


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