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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Jeannine Edwards had a rather awkward run-in with coach Billy Gillispie the last time she worked the sideline at a Kentucky game, so naturally ESPN sent her right back into the fire last night.


The results were not much better. When they inevitably met again at halftime, he pretended not hear her first question—or maybe he just didn't care to hear it—then gave an complete unrelated answer. Then on her second question, he decided to turn up the condescension a little bit more.

Jeannine: "A priority for you was to take away Nick Calathes' vision. How effective do you think you've been on that front?"

Billy: "You know more about it than I do, obviously. Some of these things I haven't heard of."


Even on this crappy YouTube video, you can taste the tension in his words. I don't know if Billy hates halftime interviews, or lady reporters, or if his anger and resentment simply mask an ocean of feeling raging just beneath the surface of his icy exterior; an facade that would melt in a river of love and compassion if only Jeannine would ask the one right question.... but something is definitely up with this guy.

And this is after Gillispie even called to apologize after their last run in. If the new Ross and Rachel of college basketball don't work things out soon, than how can any of us be friends anymore?

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