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Even after rehab, Beasley can't stay away from the personal demon that has caused him the most trouble: cameras.

Super Cool Beas is facing questions after TMZ published photos of him on a recent boat trip, including the above shot of Beasley trying to sleep something off. (Whether that "something" is a long wholesome day of fun, or something else, is the controversy here.)


Normally we'd laugh, perhaps tut at an underage player being photographed sleeping near a pile of empties, but this is a man best known for a rehab stint spurred by a picture of him near a baggie of weed. So obviously there are going to be questions.


The Heat said the fishing boat excursion was arranged by the team, and the captain is on record as saying the beers belonged to another group on board. Also, Beasley's substance abuse counselor was aboard (perhaps that's her next to him). So no action's going to be taken.

But, Jesus Christ man, Beasley doesn't need a counselor. He really needs someone to confiscate all cameras and cell phones when he's off duty.


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