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Are You Ready For A Worldwide Dodgers Empire?

Frank McCourt has big plans for the Dodgers brand. Try a football stadium, couple of cable channels, expansion to China, and — because it's worked so well for American owners — a Premier League team.

The latest filing in Jamie McCourt's divorce case reveals some interesting things about the man who runs the Dodgers (for example, she's asking for $1 million per month in support, and that still wouldn't affect his lifestyle). But if Frank McCourt has his way, it won't just be the Dodgers in his portfolio.


Team revenues have doubled since McCourt took over in 2004, but he's not content to sit on that money. He wants to build an NFL stadium in Dodger Stadium's parking lot, and to get the city to change zoning restrictions to allow mixed-use developments (read: a mall).

Seeing the cash cows that the Yankees, Mets and Red Sox have created with their own TV networks, he wants to create English- and Spanish-language cable channels, devoted solely to the Dodgers and other properties.

What other properties, you ask? Well, last year, McCourt entered talks with a Chinese firm to purchase a Beijing soccer team and, eventually, a Premier League club. (Portsmouth Dodgers, anyone?) Perhaps he should talk to Tom Hicks and Malcolm Glazer to see if they're regretting their impulse buys.

Of course, none of this will go down if Jamie McCourt successfully takes him for half his worth. Then, he'd barely be able to keep up payments on Manny Ramirez's Wiggles DVD subscription.


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