Walter Rotundo, an Argentinian sportswriter, celebrated the birth of his twin daughters this week: Mara Delfina and Dona Isabella. They are both lovely names and, taken together, a lovely tribute to a 50-year-old former cocaine addict and alcoholic who once played soccer quite well.

Rotundo, who used to write for Pasión Paternal, a blog that covers the Argentinos Juniors, said that he named his daughters specifically to honor Maradona's performance in '86, when he scored two classic goals against England in the quarterfinals of the World Cup. He passed on the information to Dalma Maradona—Diego's first daughter—on Twitter, who laughed in Spanish (jajaja!) and told him, "Te van a odiar a vos y a mi papa!" They're going to hate you and my father! Ja ja, she's probably right.


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