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Arizona Lady Emigrates Illegally From Shirt

Maybe Arizona is the lawless hellhole Jan Brewer's made it out to be, after all. Between the Nazis on the borders and the streets becoming sets for an ill-advised No Country For Old Men sequel, the citizens of Arizona now have to worry about the unpatrolled border of this lady's cleavage.


A Fox Sports camera caught this, the other of the Grand Canyon State's natural wonders, during last night's Diamondbacks clash against Los Metropolitanos. Let's go over the thought processes of the innocent bystanders, shall we?

Black-Haired Girl: Funniest thing since that Ryan Reynolds comedy about immigration.
Blonde-Haired Girl: Lulz
Black-Haired Glasses Guy: I am experiencing equal parts revulsion and intrigue I cannot possibly understand, an intrigue I will ignore for the rest of my life until one night, perhaps on a business trip...
Silver-Haired Tinted-Glasses Guy: Well, my attempt to corral the peanut vendor may be impeded by this spectacle, but the security guard yonder will respond to the same arm raising. Mustn't forget the peanuts though.
Other Silver-Haired Glasses Guy: (to boy that is facing him) "Take it all in, sport. Take it all in."
Other Black-Haired Girl: Completely mesmerized, yet she is inexplicably getting flashes of geometry proofs that she has not been taught previously.
Black-Haired Boy: Has honest and sincere questions regarding what exactly he is seeing. They will not be answered.

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